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Outdoor play equipment solutions

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Park layout

First, write before the design

A forest of Merrill Lynch, the achievements of our most natural childhood, childhood heart, is a pure land, no litter, no leaves, no garbage. However, we grew up in big cities and generally have the "natural deficiency" syndrome. As a result, we have a series of problems caused by "natural deficiency syndrome": disturbance of attention, obesity, poor living ability, social disorder, loneliness, Autism, over-protection, no risk of experience. The mind of the human mind is formed through sensory integration and judgment and reasoning through sensory perception and perception.

Second, the overall design concept

1, material selection: the use of imported engineering plastics and imported steel, highlighting the concept of environmental protection and safety.

2. Features Buy Description: A forest, a school. Forest exploration is an inspiring process to gain and develop self-esteem and self-esteem through adventure experiences in the natural environment. Encourage and promote

children's daring to take risks, challenge courageously, promote multi-party participation and all-round development so that children can enjoy the natural charm and want children to express their love for nature and health and fashion. Suitable for children aged 3-12 entertainment.      

Here, children learn: Self Control, Self Confidence and Self Esteem, Knowledge of the Environment, Language Skills, Expression, Health Healthy Immune System, Physical Skills,

Tianqi Rotomolding Co., Ltd., located in China's eastern coastal Linhai City, covering over 20,000 square meters. Is a design, development, sales in one of the children's play equipment company, to provide customers with

quality products and services. Main products are: outdoor amusement equipment, indoor naughty Fort, the combination of slides, swings, seesaws, fitness machines, for large shopping malls, community, kindergartens,

supermarkets, parks and other recreational activities. And products have been sold all over the world, such as the Middle East, Europe, North America, South America, Asia, covering more than 50 countries. We always uphold,

whether it is new projects or mold design, child safety as the first condition. . We look forward to working with you.

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